Pregnancy and Oral Health

Pregnancy and Oral Health : Being pregnant puts you at higher risk for tooth decay, gum disease (also known as pregnancy gingivitis) and oral growths called ‘pregnancy tumour’s Most of these conditions are treatable. If pregnant lady is suffering from moderate to severe gum diseases. Higher risk chances for delivering a pre-term, low-birth weight baby. It can be easily diagnosed by dental X rays. Dental X rays are absolutely safe during the pregnancy. Anaesthesia during the first trimester may be linked to early miscarriage. Any dental work that requires anaesthesia such as a filling or root canal treatment, it is better to postpone the procedure until the second trimester of your pregnancy.

To keep your teeth healthy during pregnancy make sure to have following ingredients in your diet.

·         calcium

·         vitamin A

·         vitamin C

·         vitamin D

·         protein, and

·         phosphorous

Pregnancy mother with poor oral health have a risk of

·         delivering a pre-term baby

·         delivering a baby with a low birth weight

·         having pre-eclampsia (pregnancy hypertension)

·         Babies who are pre-term or have low birth weight have a higher risk of:

·         developmental complications

·         asthma

·         ear infections

·         birth abnormalities

·         behavioural difficulties

·         infant death

Pregnancy gingivitis, pregnancy tumours are common oral diseases encountered by most of the pregnant ladies.

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